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A selected range of 123 pieces of equipment which will provide a wide range of activities for children to enjoy whilst helping develop individual and group skills. Contents: 25 x Markers, 6 x Rounders Soft touch Balls, 6 x Mini Rackets, 4 x TT Bats, 8 x Bean Bags, 6 x 70mm Foam Balls, 4 x 30cm Flat Hoops, 6 x Marking Hands, 6 x Marking Feet, 6 x Skipping Ropes, 6 x Catch Cups, 18 x Soft Balls, 6 x Blindfolds, 6 x Juggling Scarves, 4 x Tele Quoits, 6 x Rainbow Wands and 1 x Storage Box.

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